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Conversion charts

For correct baking quantities and measurements, use our conversion charts below as a guide.


Grams Pounds/ounces
10g ¼oz
25g 1oz
50g 2oz
100g 4oz
125g 5oz
150g 6oz
200g 7oz
225g 8oz
250g 9oz
300g 10oz
350g 12oz
400g 14oz
450g 1lb
500g 1lb 2oz
700g 1 ½lb
750g 1lb 10oz
1kg 2 ¼lb
1.5kg 3lb 5oz
2kg 4 ½lb

Liquid volume

Litres Fluid ounces/pints
1.25ml ¼ teaspoon
2.5ml ½ teaspoon
5ml 1 teaspoon
15ml 1 tablespoon
30ml 1 fl ox
50ml 2 fl oz
100ml 4 fl oz
150ml 5 fl oz / ¼ pint
200ml 7 fl oz / ⅓ pint
300ml 10 fl oz / ½ pint
500ml 18 fl oz
600ml 20 fl oz/ 1 pint
700ml 1 ¼ pints
850ml 1 ½ pints
1 litre 1 ⅓ pints
1.2 litres 2 pints

Oven temperatures

Celsius Farenheit Gas Mark
110°C 225°F ¼
130°C 250°F ½
140°C 275°F 1
150°C 300°F 2
170°C 325°F 3
180°C 350°F 4
190°C 375°F 5
200°C 400°F 6
220°C 425°F 7
230°C 450°F 8
Lower in saturated fat
than butter
No e-numbers, colours, HVO or preservatives More reasons to use Trex
Bake to
your heart's content
91 delicious recipes
Bake to your heart's content 91 delicious recipes