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Can I use Trex straight from the fridge?top

Trex is at its best when used at room temperature so ideally take it out of the fridge 15-30 minutes before you need to use it.

Is Trex dairy free?top

Yes, Trex is totally free from dairy and has no added water.

Does Trex contain any hydrogenated fats?top

No. It is also lower in saturated and trans fats than butter.

Does Trex contain any artificial additives?top

No. Trex is free from emulsifiers and added colours.

Is Trex suitable for vegetarians?top

Yes. All the recipes that are also suitable for vegetarians on this website are marked with a symbol.

Lower in saturated fat
than butter
No e-numbers, colours, HVO or preservatives More reasons to use Trex
Bake to
your heart's content
91 delicious recipes
Bake to your heart's content 91 delicious recipes